Training Camp Day 2: Spending Spree

Yesterday I wrote about how upset I was that the Colts let Charlie Johnson go and that the line was now the weakest spot.  I even said that they would not go to the super bowl with that line.  Well, today the Colts inked their first round pick, tackle Anthony Castonzo.  That’s big, and if Castonzo can grasp the offense quickly it will be even bigger.  I don’t have the faith in Jeff Linkenbach to protect the franchise’s blind side.  I have high hopes for Castonzo, however.  The reason it took so long to get Anthony under contract is because he wanted all 4 years of his contract while Bill Polian was only willing to guarantee his first 3 years.  In the end, Polian won (like we knew he would).  Castonzo signed a 4 year contract worth $8 million.  The first 3 years are guaranteed.

But the Colts also signed 2 free agents since I wrote yesterday.  No, that’s not a typo.  Last night, the Colts signed former Falcon DE Jamaal Anderson (on twitter at Jamaal_Anderson98).  Anderson was drafted 7th overall in the 2007 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons, but he was a bust.  In 4 years with the team, he only notched 4.5 career sacks.  1.1 sacks per year for a top 10 draft pick doesn’t cut it, so the Falcons cut him.  The Colts may use him at DT as he can play there as well, but they also could use him at DE in relief of the dynamic duo (Freeney and Mathis).  Both spots should help.

Then this afternoon, the Colts signed another first round bust, LB Ernie Sims.  Sims was drafted 9th overall in the 2006 draft by the Lions, but after 4 years there he was traded to the Eagles.  Last year with Philly, he recorded 55 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble.  The Eagles relased him anyways, and the Colts picked him up.  It is extremely rare for the Colts to bring in a starter, so I still don’t know if he will earn a starting spot.  He should, however.   If he could duplicate his numbers from last year, I would be happy.  Currently, the LB core looks like Angerer, Brackett, and Connor.  A very inexperianced group, besides Brackett.  Sims would bring nice experiance and he seems to fit the system well.  Many people are saying on twitter that he plays cover 2 well.  I hope so. 

I’m feeling alot better about this Colts team today.  I think Anderson and Sims bring good support to the defense while Castonzo brings much needed o-line help. 

And, lastly, I realize I have not put up any links in a while, so here are a few about the start of camp and some recent Colts moves.

Bob Kravitz says that we have reason to worry about the line.  Granted, this was written before Castonzo was signed, but the concerns are still there.

Stampede Blue says about the same thing, but also highlights Charlie Johnson’s impact and potential additions the Colts should consider at the o-line.

Phillip B. Wilson’s camp observations from yesterday.

And lastly, Mike Chappell talks about how Curtis Painter is running the Colts offense in Manning’s absence.


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