Colts Offseason Moves

Due to a already scheduled vacation, I was left for a week without a computer at the same time that the NFL lockout ended and the craziness began.  I did have my phone and updated my twitter account, which is my primary way of relaying Colts news.  You can follow me at coltsfanwilson.  Anyways, here is a list I have compiled of all the Colts roster moves I have recorded (as of 4:00 Sunday 7/31).  Please let me know if I am missing anything. 

The Colts signed 15 undrafted free agents

RB Darren Evans (Virginia Tech), RB Chad Spann (Northern Illinois), WR Joe Horn (Ashland), TE Mike McNeill (Nebraska), OL Jake Kirkpatrick (TCU), LB Adrian Moten (Maryland), LB Chris Colasanti (Penn State), DB Joe Lefeged (Rutgers), PK Travis Baltz (Maryland), WR David Gilreath (Wisconsin), QB Mike Hartline (Kentucky), DT Ollie Ogbu (Penn State), LB Kerry Neal (Notre Dame), DE David Bedford (USF), and WR Larrone Moore (Delaware St.).

The Colts have signed 3 free agents.

QB Nate Davis (a Ball State alum), QB Dan Orlovsky (spent last year with the Texans), and TE Tyson DeVree (last year with Cleveland).

The Colts have signed 3 of their 2011 draft picks.

OL Ben Ijalana (2nd rounder out of Villanova), RB Delone Carter (4th rounder out of Syracuse), and DB Chris Rucker (6th rounder out of Michgan State).

By far the most important players the Colts have signed are their own.  They have re-signed 8 of their own players.

PK Adam Vinatieri (3 year contract), S Melvin Bullitt (3 year contract), QB Peyton Manning* (5 year contract), RB Joseph Addai, DT Eric Foster, DT Antonio “Mookie” Johnson, OT Michael Toudouze, and OG Kyle DeVan.

The Colts have released 3 players while also relinquising the rights to 5 of their own restricted free agents (in essance releasing them as well).

PK Brett Swenson, DB Jordan Hemby, and DB Kelvin Hayden were released while RB Mike Hart, TE Gijon Robinson, TE Tom Santi, DB Jamie Silva, and DB Mike Richardson became unrestricted free agents and won’t be back. 

*Manning’s deal is for 5 years and $90 million dollars.  He reportedly told owner Jim Irsay that he didn’t want to be the league’s highest paid player.  Also, Tom Brady makes $18 million per year, and Peyton reportedly wanted to make slightly less than that but Jim Irsay said absolutley not.  Colts fans should love him more than they already do for taking less money.  If it weren’t for Mr. Manning taking less, there is probably no chance the Colts re-sign Joseph Addai. 

Also worth noting is that starting linebacker Clint Session left for the Jaguars.  The Colts have never really kept their linebackers.

There are still moves to be made to make this team a super bowl winner again, but this is the start.  After training camp starts today, they should (hopefully) know where they need to add some depth.


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2 Responses to Colts Offseason Moves

  1. I think this team already is a Super Bowl team. We’re missing some depth in the middle of the defense, but that team could have made it all the way to the Super Bowl with a few less injuries offensively.

    • I agree with you Nick. There definitely is room for improvement but overall this team is the same core that went to the super bowl 2 years ago. Without injuries, I think they can go back.

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