Top 100 of 2011 – Colts Edition

Recently, the NFL Network wrapped up a series on the Top 100 players of 2011 voted on by the players.  The players voted 6 Colts onto the list.  

Number 78 – DALLAS CLARK (presented by Jon Gruden, former super bowl winning head coach and current ESPN analyst)

  • Best of Jon Gruden onDallas:  “He’s a joker, and what I mean is he’s good in any hand… It’s maddening.  Maddening… He’s a football junkie, just like Manning – those two guys belong with each other.”

 Number 59 – JEFF SATURDAY (presented by Peyton Manning, Colts quarterback)

  • Peyton on Jeff:  “I’m real thankful everyday that he’s my center, my teammate, my locker-mate, he’s my friend.  There’s something about that quarterback-center friendship/relationship, and for me to say I played with one of the best is a real honor.”
  • 5-time pro bowler 

Number 44 – ROBERT MATHIS (presented by Raheem Brock, former Colts and current Seahawks defensive lineman)

  • Raheem Brock on Mathis:  “He doesn’t get the respect he deserves, but he definitely deserves to be on this list.”
  • 2nd on Colts all-time sack list with 74 (behind only Dwight Freeney)
  • 3-time pro bowler
  • 36 forced fumbles in his career

 Number 31 – REGGIE WAYNE (presented by Brandon Marshall, Dolphins wide reciever)

  • 7 straight 1,000 yard seasons
  • 3-time pro bowler
  • Narrator:  Reggie is the “most consistent weapon on one of the most consistent offenses in history.” 

Number 15 – DWIGHT FREENEY (presented by Matt Light, Patriots offensive lineman)

  • 6-time pro bowler
  • 3 1st team All-Pro selections
  • 40 forced fumbles is 5th all-time; his 1 forced fumble per every 3 games played is the best in NFL history 

Number 2 – PEYTON MANNING (presented by Jon Gruden, former super bowl winning head coach and current ESPN analyst and Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees 3rd Baseman)

  • Gruden calls him “the Sherriff” because he always gets his man
  • Great quotes by Gruden:
    •  “He put me into the FFCA (Fired Football Coaches Association) himself.  He’s a bad dude.”
    • “Peyton Manning may be the best offensive coordinator in the game.”
    • “This guy runs the practice… I walked out of there (Colts practice) in awe.”
    • “When Peyton signed with the Volunteers, we had a party.” (Gruden was then a graduate assistant with the Vols)
    • “Every single snap is a research project”
  • 1st team All-Pro 5 times
  • 9 straight pro bowl selections, 11 overall
  • 11 out of his 13 seasons Colts have made playoffs
  • Only 4 time NFL MVP in history
  • A-Rod on Colts Super Bowl XLI victory:  “I think that’s one of the most important super bowls an individual has ever won.” 

Tom Brady, the number one player on the list, said of Manning:  “To me, he’s the greatest of all time.” 

Hopefully the lockout ends soon so he can build on that legacy.


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