Colts Corner: Edition II

Here is the second edition of our Colts Corner, our look around the web weekly for the best Colts news.  This week features an update on Austin Collie, a look at Jeff Saturday and a great story on Howard Mudd.

Austin Collie says that he is fine, and said “I feel good”, says Mike Chappell.

Marcus Hayes penned a wonderful piece on former Colts legendary offensive line coach Howard Mudd, now with the Eagles.  A must read.

Jeff Saturday was named the 59th best player on the player’s vote for the “Top 100”.  He then talked about his quarterback.  “Listen, nothing against (Tom Brady), obviously I got a ton of respect for him, but man, Peyton, he’s a different level,” Saturday said. “With as many MVPs as he’s had, the guy shows up each and every week ready to play and his numbers support it.  You look at last year, we were pulling guys out of the stands at the end of the year to throw it to and his numbers are staying where they should,” he said. “As you get down closer (on the list), I think he’s got to be your one.” 

Bill Polian has no concern about Peyton Manning’s neck surgery. Says Polian:  “We’ve got little or no worry.  This was just a minor procedure to relieve a little pressure on the nerve [in Manning’s neck]. I told them [Colts officials] to call me if there were any further problems, and no one’s called.”

Indianapolis is right in the middle of the labor battle, says Dan Parr.


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