Howard Mudd: MUST READ

Howard Mudd is one of the great architects of the Colts current run of greatness.  Not many know of him, just as not many know of Tom Moore, the Colts great former offensive coordinator (it pains me to write former).  

Now, Mudd is with the Eagles in the same role he served in during his 12 years inIndianapolis, offensive line coach.  A year ago, Mudd and Moore both entered retirement. Mooredecided to come back to Indy.  Mudd did not.  And he stayed retired until Andy Reid, along with Mudd’s good friend and Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn, convinced him to join the Eagles this offseason.  It appears that Mudd was forced out just as we have seen many other former Colts employees (Gene Huey, anybody?).

At, Marcus Hayes wrote a great article on Mudd, revealing many things about him that I did not know.  I’ll let you read for yourself, but it is a wonderful, must-read article.  So good that I will put it in this week’s Colts Corner even though I wrote an article about it.  

I still am not sure if it is an incredible article, or a good article about an incredible coach who is relatively unknown.  

Either way, head here to read about his life: why he didn’t make the hall of fame as a player, his love for motorcycles, his friendship with Washburn, and the impact he has made.  

Below gives a quick glimpse into the great article: 

“For 12 years Mudd’s men were charged with keeping clean the face of the NFL, Peyton Manning. They did so with alarming success – so much so that Mudd survived the firing of Jim Mora, the resignation of Tony Dungy and the hiring of Jim Caldwell. An appreciative Manning arranged and financed Mudd’s retirement bash after the 2009 season.”

Read it.  You won’t be disappointed.  You will actually be sad that he’s not with us anymore.


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