Colts Corner: Inaugural Edition

This is the inaugural edition of the real Colts Corner.  It is a weekly (hopefully) series that provides the best links from around the web on your Indianapolis Colts. 

Kevin Seifert gives us Favre watch: Peyton Manning and history

Jarrett Bell says that it’s time to start preserving Peyton Manning

Paul Kuharsky has some appropriate medical questions for Peyton.

Jim Irsay hasn’t ruled out a future return of Tom Moore, says Brad Biggs.

Irsay is also confident that the Colts can get a long-term deal done with Manning, Mike Chappell reports.

Mike Fox of Bleacher Report says that Manning’s 2010 season was not really all that bad.  (Finally people are starting to realize it, but it’s better now than never).

Clark Judge says that the Polians give “the same old Colts a new outlook“.

And finally, David Curtis reports that Shelvin Mack contacted Peyton Manning before making his decision to leave Butler.


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