Change is in the air…

I was reading through my morning Colts articles (which I do almost every morning) and  I came across an article on Stampede Blue that particularly interested me.  It was about how the Colts are going through the most change they have had in 1o years.  Which got me thinking about how much it is true. 

Longtime running backs coach Gene Huey: gone.

Longtime offensive coordinator Tom Moore: gone.

Longtime director of pro personell Clyde Powers: gone.

Longtime video director Marty Heckscher: gone.

These aren’t just retirements.  A year ago, Tom Moore said, “There’s so much in life that the last thing I want to do is just sit and not do anything. This [coaching football] is fun.”.  Did it suddenly turn boring?  If so, why did he take a consultant job with the Jets

We need to understand something: Chris Polian is now running the Indianapolis Colts.  From what we have seen so far, he probably saw his father’s guys a little differently, and now that he has control he will bring in his guys.  But the coaching moves, as pointed out in Stampede Blue’s article, are likely the works of Coach Jim Caldwell. 

That brings us to the next thing we need to understand: Jim Caldwell is officially on the hot seat.  Chris Polian is likely putting alot of pressure on him, and Caldwell is making the moves he sees necesary to save his job.  From Stampede Blue [emphasis added]:

From my observations, unlike Tony Dungy, Caldwell is much less loyal to his assistants, and is willing to toss them aside to save his own hide. Just ask Gene Huey. Howard Mudd might have some insight on this too. He ‘retired’ after just one season working under Caldwell, and has since un-retired to work for Andy Reid in Philadelphia.”

The only explanation for the change of Frank Reich to WR coach (when he was a QB and is a QB coach) and Ron Turner to QB coach (even though he has a history coaching WR) is because Caldwell is trying to save himself.  He would have been fired if this team missed the playoffs last year, make no doubt about it. 

Which brings us to the most obvious thing to understand: the Colts have a ‘win now or else’ mindset.  As long as Peyton Manning is in Indianapolis, they will not be content to go home losers every year.  Peyton has 5 years left. 

Which is the reason why I’m not opposed to change at West 56th.  Certainly, firing Gene Huey and ‘firing’ Tom Moore are not smart moves, the mindset of change is something that probably needed to happen.  2 super bowl appearances in 12 years with the greatest quarterback ever is not acceptable. 

With Chris Polian now running the show, there may be more changes in the air.  But Stampede Blue makes one more, somewhat frightening point

“If you are Peyton Manning (a man who detests change) and are thinking of re-signing with the Colts after the lockout ends, you’d be coming back to a team nearly turned upside down by change. They runningbacks coach is replaced. There’s a new QB coach, and your longtime mentor and friend (Tom Moore) isn’t around anymore to help you. This is to say nothing of the shift from o-line coach Howard Mudd to Pete Metzelaars, which didn’t exactly have great results last year.”

I’m all for the change.  But I would also like the bring our quarterback (otherwise known as the Indianapolis Colts) on board. 

Which is why, I guess, after writing this whole article, I’m still uncertain as to how much change is needed.  Change is good, but the Colts don’t need a 180-degree change.  I think just by getting thier injured players back, and with an excellent draft, they will be a super bowl team again. 

I just hope Chris Polian turns out to be just what we needed.


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