Peyton Manning has Neck Operation

Peyton Manning underwent a neck operation yesterday, his second in 15 months.  He had a different operation on his neck in March of 2010.  Colts’ owner Jim Irsay (who by the way is the coolest owner ever) tweeted this:

“Peyton’s doing fine, he’s on the mend from neck surgery yesterday in Chicago.  Recovery time 8 weeks, he’ll b ready 2 go for preseason”

I compiled some of the best stuff from around the web on Manning’s procedure.  First, from Paul Kuharsky at ESPN, saying Manning isn’t losing his durability:

“Peyton Manning doesn’t get enough credit for durability.

Now that he’s had a second neck surgery in 15 months, is he reaching the stage of his career when it might become more of a question?

I’m going to guess no. Or if the answer might be “a little,” it’ll be offset by two new offensive tackles drafted in the first two rounds (Anthony Castonzo and Ben Ijalana), a second-year guard who could join the lineup (Jacques McClendon) and a second-year blocking tight end (Brody Eldridge) who may be able to help keep rushers at bay.

Better protection will be a luxury, as Manning’s a master at avoiding taking shots. Despite a leaky line last year, he regularly got rid of the ball and took only 16 sacks. He very rarely takes a square shot.”

From Mike Chappell of the Indy Star, which first reported the news (from what I hear):

“Peyton Manning is on the mend from a second neck surgery in the past 15 months.

The Indianapolis Colts veteran quarterback and the NFL’s only four-time MVP informed The Indianapolis Star today that he underwent a “minimally invasive’’ procedure on Monday to address a disk-related issue in his neck. Manning had surgery on March 3, 2010, to relieve pain caused by a pinched nerve.

 Each procedure was performed by Dr. Richard Fessler at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

 Manning emphasized the two procedures addressed separate issues. The latest involved discomfort in Manning’s neck that surfaced recently.

 Manning remained in the hospital Monday night and returned to his Indianapolis home this afternoon to begin the rehabilitation process “ensuring his readiness with regard to the resumption of any and all activities of the National Football League as scheduled,’’ according to a statement. 

Manning told The Star he anticipates “a quick recovery.’’ 

“There is plenty of time for recovery,’’ he said. 

Manning added after last year’s procedure he “was working out within a week and lifting weights within two weeks. 

“We’ll formulate a plan moving forward.’’

And now it’s time to have a MAJOR hat tip to Stampede Blue.  As you may recall, back in September they reported that Manning had a neck injury.  From thier article at the time:

“According to my ‘anonymous source’ with strong knowledge of the situation, Peyton Manning is hurt. We’re not talking a little dinged up or a tad sore here. We’re talking ‘the team is concerned’ type of hurt…

…If you’re still intrigued, the neck injury is shooting pain down Peyton’s throwing arm. I have not, as yet, determined if this injury was exacerbated by the numerous hits Peyton took against the Texans last week…

…No one will ever question Big P’s toughness around here. The guy once played with a broken jaw. Peyton eats lighting and craps thunder.

However, he is working behind what could be the worst offensive line we’ve seen in Indianapolis since 1997, the year before Peyton was drafted. If the Colts cannot consistently run the ball, this will require Peyton to throw more. More throwing means more pain, and more chances of him getting hit before or after he throws.”

Excellent, excellent job boys.  Many people did not believe it (I am happy to report that I did believe it, but it may actually have been a rush of adrenaline.  But I did mention it and I did come to believe it.  But I had forgotten about it until today.)  I must say, they really boosted thier credibility today.

Hopefully “Big P” will recover soon and get back to work in the offseason, where he gets his edge over everyone else. 

As always, GO COLTS!



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