Why isn’t Peyton Manning talking?

“As long as there’s any discussion about this [Colts’ secrecy], let’s make it clear who the target is: Manning.

Frankly, I don’t care if Manning talks to the local media.  I’m thrilled he’s working out with the Colts players.  He’d be fully within his rights to ‘hold out’ from these workouts. Instead, the story is that he’s planning them, running them, and footing the bill for them.  If his greatest sin in the whole thing is that he doesn’t want to talk about it, I’m good with that.”

The above quote is from Nate Dunleavy over at 18to88.com.  Continuing his great stuff in a different article, here is another quote:

“Manning put his name on the case.  He was criticized for not showing up for the first hearing. Turns out his wife was about to have twins.  Quite honestly, the combination of the kids and his unsettled contract situation seem like good enough reasons for Manning to be silent. 

Fans do not care when players refuse to talk to the media. Manning showed up and did a kids function.  He’s running and paying for practices when he’s not getting paid for it and is not under contract.  Choosing not to talk to the media seems like a minor offense indeed when placed in the larger context of his life and career.  The idea that he’d hurt his marketability if he stuck his neck out on labor is laughable. Drew Brees hasn’t hurt his marketability at all.  This strikes me as a convenient answer that doesn’t fit the facts.

Manning showed up for the talks earlier in the year. Jerry Richardson’s comments to him became national news. He became a focal point of the discussion in Judge Nelson’s ruling.  To suddenly claim that he’s bailing on the players because he’s not doing interviews just doesn’t add up.  If Manning talks about the suit, he’d have to address his contract. Then he’d have to say, “I want to be a free agent, and the owners’ wont’ let me” (which is what the lawsuit suggests), or he’d say, “I want to be a Colt for life”.  Either way, he undermines either the lawsuit or his relationship with the fans.”

Great stuff from Nate.  I personally agree with him and am sick of all the “complaining” the media is doing over the Colts’ secrecy.  They have always been a private organization and the only time the media cares is when they are starved of all useful information.  As Nate said, the fans don’t care.  The media does. 

Yet another reason to hope for an agreement soon.


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